4th International Conference on Life Skills & Livelihood Skills -
Leveraging Digital India for Rural Empowerment.

16-17 November 2017, at Dr. MCR HRD Institute of Telangana, Hyderabad

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Prior to the Industrial Age, the entire world was largely rural and poor, with only a select few enjoying the benefits of wealth. While there were some differences, poor rural populations were largely indistinguishable from one part of the world to another.

Radically differing acceptance and exploitation of Industrial Age technologies divided the world into three major groups: The First World that embraced industrial technologies; the Second World, which was more conservative politically to these technologies; and the Third World that remained largely rural, agricultural subsistence economies. With the advent of digital technologies, rural agricultural economies such as India, have the opportunity to “leapfrog” into the Digital Age by providing their people with advanced skills and digital tools. Digital content creation and communications tools such as the Internet, tablets and smart phones are increasingly ubiquitous and nearly free. The focus of policy makers, commercial and educational institutions, and NGOs, now becomes how to provide the necessary skills to empower the rural poor with the skills necessary for sustained economic participation in what will surely be a Digital World.


will address these critical questions.


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SKILLS2017 is the fourth in a series of Life Skills and Livelihood Skills International conferences aimed at developing the skill levels, and therefore sustainable economies and general quality of life, of rural India.

The theme of current conference is Life Skills and Livelihood Skills – Rural Empowerment for a Digital India. The conference draws distinguished participants representing a wide spectrum of regulatory, academic, industrial and other sectors of life across India and overseas.

Earlier conferences SKILLS2010, SKILLS2013 and SKILLS2015 held in Hyderabad, India were focused on The Challenges for Institutional Development; The Challenges for International Cooperation; and Realizing and Sustaining Clean India respectively. All these conferences have been a success for having able to spur the ideas to build and sustain initiatives in skill development in scale among relevant stakeholders. These conferences received participation from a galaxy of distinguished personalities, key national and international organizations.

First of the conference in the series – SKILLS2010 was initiated by Rural Economic and Educational Society [REEDS], a not-for-profit, non-government organization along with few individuals and SKILLS2010 was privileged to have an inspirational inaugural address by the former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam paving way for the emergence of a conference series.

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